Body Modifications

The body has only received minimal modifications as it is still used for travelling. Once that period of its life is over, there is only at maximum three trips to go, it will get a complete overhaul.  One of the first modifications was the addition of a sun roof which occurred in the first year of ownership. Starting at the rear a one piece tailgate was added in 1983 along with a roof wing both made of fibreglass. The wing was originally moulded to the roof but after cracking occurred, it is now just bolted on.
There are two versions of the side skirts in use. The set for street use are moulded at the wheel arch ends and are of steel. The second set which is used while travelling are basically a tin bottom to the side rails that come from the bull bar.
The fibre glass front that was replaced after the accident of 1991 is based on the Monza style and is currently fibreglass but there are plans to create this out of metal. HJ guard flutes were added in 2004 an the bonnet is fitted with a L88 scoop which is currently plastic and screwed on but is in the process of being fabricated out of steel and welded.
When the van goes travelling the complete front nose and Guards are replaced, as these are the panels that are most likely to get damaged.The travelling guards have a 100mm air intake added to the front along with two 100mm air snorkels running up to the roof to provide clean denser air at increased pressure. The bull bar is fitted with an electric winch and driving lights.

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