The 1991 Accident

Before the Accident
Front View Rear View  
Around midday one day in April 1991 I was approaching an intersection. 50 metres or so from the intersection the my lights turned green. On arriving at the intersection cars crossing my lane had already stopped. Part way through the crossing a car approaching the red lights pulled into a slip lane and proceeded straight through the intersection. Problem, My van was in the way. After damaging BOTH front guards, the bonnet and completely destroying the nose the other car finally stopped when it hit a pole.
The smash that nearly ended it all (April 1991)    
  The Crash front   Engine Bay   The Crash front
The damage list included both guards, bonnet, nose, coil, one engine mount, twisted sub-frame, compressed steering column. Basically no commercial body works were interested in fixing it apart from one on the condition that I did the wiring.
About six weeks later the van was back on the road.
After the Accident    
As the original nose model was no longer available I ended up modifying the front radiater panel to accomodate duel headlights.
  New Look     Re-born

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