All Australian trips have been completed in the same 1979 HZ Panel Van  .

SincSince Mid 1983 I have been making regular trips around mainland Australia, visiting as much of this diverse country that I can. These trip were as a result of not being able to describe Australian Places during my 1980 tour of Europe. As at that time I had seen little of Australia and had to reply that I did not know. From this I realized that there was a lot to see and do in my home country so I decided to try and see most of it before I went overseas again.

My travels have taken me to some remarkable places, some of which are displayed in the Australian Photo Albums for each Australian State. With Australia being a popular travel destination there are numerous resources available for the would be traveller.

Australian Travels

The 1983  trip was my first solo drive through the eastern states of Australia. I traveled due north through central NSW before continuing on as far north as Cairns before returning to Melbourne via the coast.

The 1985  trip was basically to travel the Birdsville track. However the temperature in the shade was over 50 C therefor I elected to return to to Central NSW and head north to Cairns.

 In 1988  I attempt the Birdsville Track again, this time it was closed due to floods. I headed for Alice Springs and onto the WA coast traversing the Tanami Desert. I explored the coast down to Perth and around to Albany before crossing the Nullarbor.

My 1990  trip headed north through the Western Queensland Opal fields and onto Cairns then Cape York. On returning to Cairns I headed west along the Gulf track to Kakadu.

The 1997  trip concentrated on the Channel-Country, Innamincka, Birdsville, Dalhousie Springs and Winton.

The 2000  trip explored the Eyre and Yorke Peninsulas in South Australia.

The 2003  trip consisted of three parts, the first was the travel from home to the 28th Australian Van Nationals at Gympie, attending the Van Ntionals which was followed by two months on the road in the Northern Kimberly and the Pilbra area of Western Australia.

The 2007  trip was primary the travel between home and the 2007 Van Nationals which were held in Queensland. Where posible different roads were used.

The 2012  trip has several main aimes:
2012 Aust Van Nats
Gunbarrel Hwy

The 2013  trip has several main aimes:
2013 Aust Van Nats
Fill in highways and track on the eastern half of the country that I had not visited.

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Overseas Travel


I spent 2 months in the latter half of 1980  traveling around most of Europe by train. The purpose of this trip was to see what region I preferred so as to return later and concentrate on that region.


The 2002  trip departed from normal and I travelled overseas. Spending the first 5 days in Singapore followed by a week in Hong Kong and a week between Guam and Palau where I spent several days Sea Kyaking. I then returned to Hong Kong before returning to Australia.

My 2005  trip once again took me overseas. A couple of days was spent in Singapore before I headed to Hong Kong and met up with some other travelers heading north into China. The first part of the China exploration was with Intrepid. On returning to Hong Kong I detoured to Macau and one of the local Islands



I have covered each trip extensivly on film resulting in the productions of films and videos of up to 2 hours in duration. Representing about 10-15% of the total length of film taken on each trip as well as a vast number of 35mm slides (average around 50 per day).